About Panorama Framing


Some tools of the trade...

Photo by Jay Watson

Panorama Framing, Inc has been a long time in the making. Patrick (that’s me!) has been a picture framer, poet, a student, a certified picture framer, and a professional photographer, and has come full circle again…

…or something like that:

After being raised by ponies in central Oklahoma, I was an Army brat and lived in various places (hello Georgia, Germany and Virginia) before graduating from college and heading West. During my ‘tours’ I gained a love of language & history, and spent about a dozen years working for mom-and-pop picture frame shops.

I learned the ins and outs of both the hard work of custom picture framing (whether setting screws to wood or performing museum-quality paper hinging & mounting) and designing custom picture framing, most especially for other folks like me but who might not know what they want or how they want it to look.

Roughly 10 of those years I spent as the lead designer for a picture frame shop in Northern Virginia — I had the opportunity to work with clients from just about every walk of life, whether they were neighborhood folks needing to frame their birth announcement or ketubah; a corporate person framing an atta-boy; or a collector/museum needing to preserve an object worth a gazillion dollars. It was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot.

I moved to San Francisco after college and promptly became a commercial photographer (so long, Spanish degree! 😉 ), specializing in 360° panoramas. Now I’m in Oakland, living large, and there is an energy here that is infectious (in a good way)… I’m proud to be part of the burgeoning local/small business scene.

After 10 years creating 360° imagery for corporate clients, I’m ready to get my hands back into making tangible things. I’m also ready to get back into meeting clients at the counter, and helping them design their next heirloom, gift, keepsake or memory — because, more than any monetary value, it’s the personal worth placed on an item that makes it important, interesting and fun to frame —  and I can’t wait!